Kia Comfort Technology Features at Kearny Pearson Kia

While eye-catching paint jobs and roaring engines are popular among car lovers, there is no substitute for a comfortable and enjoyable interior. The small technological improvements that make a car more secure, entertaining, and comfortable are in high demand by drivers in this competitive automotive industry. Here at Kearny Pearson Kia, we take pride in providing the San Diego area with vehicles like the Kia Rio that feature comfort-based technology to improve every rider's experience.

Climate Control Options for Every Occupant

Traditional air conditioners address the problem of uncomfortable climates in cars. However, these traditional models have their shortcomings and often provide a less-than-stellar solution. The improved climate control options of modern Kia vehicles provide air filtration and climate control simultaneously. This allows air to not only be set to a certain temperature, but to be cleaner and fresher without rolling down any windows. There are also dual-options available and separate units for front and back seats. This provides an effective way for multiple occupants of a car to achieve their optimal level of comfort regarding air temperature and frequency. Small improvements like this make a large difference, as do the improvements made to the entertainment aspects of vehicles as well.

Enjoy a Comforting Song or Playlist

One of the more enjoyable aspects of any drive is the feeling of listening to your favorite song. Improving on this classic amenity, Kia utilizes a unique music interface which can be connected to an iPod or other device to let the user listen to their own custom playlists during any drive. The interface has also been improved to allow for a more user-friendly selection process. A subscription to SIRIUS satellite radio is also included with many models as a complimentary service, providing a backup option in case custom music choices aren't a necessity for the driver.

Adjustable Seats, Arm Rests, and Keyless Entry

There is nothing more frustrating during a drive than being in an uncomfortable position. Having to remain cramped-up in a small space is very tedious, so we provide many models with adjustable seats at our San Diego California Kia dealership. In addition to adjustable seats, multiple arm rests are also present to give drivers the relaxing options they need to enjoy long drives. Keyless entry systems, garage door openers, and other similar features also provide the convenience drivers need after a long day.

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Our new Kia inventory is full of impressive models with innovative technology designed to improve the experience of all occupants. Be sure to visit us at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to find out more information about our selection of Kia vehicles. The impressive appearance and engine power aren't the only things these vehicles have going for them; the array of comfort-based features can make any driver's trip more enjoyable.