Kia Safety Features at Kearny Pearson Kia

Here at Kearny Pearson Kia, we understand that drivers want the total package when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Their choice needs to be stylish, powerful under the hood, and filled with impressive technological amenities. However safety is an important feature that shouldn't be overlooked, and here at our San Diego Kia dealership we have an impressive array of vehicles which utilize innovative technology to promote a safe trip. Our new Kia inventory features numerous models, like the Kia Sorento, that utilize the type of safety features which have become mainstays in the competitive automotive industry.

Assisting the Driver to Prevent Accidents

The best kind of safety feature is that which compliments the skills of the driver. Technology which is dedicated to providing the increased speed, strength, or control in tight situations can be the difference between an accident and a close call. One such function is the brake assist feature. This unique technology utilizes sensors to help apply brakes when needed based on the vehicle's weight and balance. This allows for more controlled stops and grants the driver more complete control over their vehicle even during abrupt halts.

The anti-lock brake system and electronic stabilization program also contribute to the improved handling and control of the vehicles offered at our San Diego Kia dealership. Multiple airbags also help to protect occupants in all positions in the event that an accident does occur. These provisions are added to provide increased protection, and other amenities are included to protect the entire family.

Safe for Children and Family Outings

Safety is an important issue for drivers. Those with children can attest to the fact that keeping them safe during rides is a paramount concern. In order to provide a safe vehicle for the entire family, Infiniti has utilized rear-door child safety locks to make sure children don't accidentally open the door while the vehicle is in motion. This feature is also complimented by the LATCH provision in rear seats, which allows children to be safely buckled in for a protected and secure trip.

Monitoring Systems and Sensors for Efficiency

Even the most attentive drivers can sometimes miss out on warning signs of vehicular malfunctions or problems. Our unique sensing systems utilize modern technology to warn drivers if tire pressure is low, to provide increased light automatically when needed, and to deploy airbags at opportune spots and times. These are just a few of the high-tech amenities provided to make every drive safe and secure. To find out more about the safety features at our San Diego Kia dealership, visit us at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard to speak with a qualified professional today!