Used and Certified Pre-Owned Kia Brand Cars at Kearny Pearson Kia

used and cpo kia cars

Buying or leasing a brand-new car can be very exciting but going with a pre-owned vehicle can sometimes be a better choice. At your local San Diego Kia dealership, we have a full selection of vehicles to choose from that fall in line with any budget or driving needs. Our staff at Kearny Pearson Kia is happy to show you a wide variety of used Kia cars and certified pre-owned Kia cars to help you save a bit of money while getting a quality vehicle that you can enjoy driving.

Benefits of buying pre-owned:

  • Incredible Value
  • Less Depreciation
  • Vast Inventory
  • Warranty

Although buying new is tempting, you will find a variety of benefits when you opt for a used vehicle instead. A used car will depreciate much slower than a new vehicle and you also have the bonus of saving money with your initial purchase. This allows you to drive a high-quality car with plenty of amazing features. Whether you are interested in a Kia Sorento or a Kia Cadenza, you will find that Kearny Pearson Kia has a nice selection of used Kia cars that come with a smart warranty to give you added peace of mind. All you have to do is come by to let us know about your wants as well as the price range.

One of the big benefits of opting for a used car with the Kia brand is your ability to choose a certified pre-owned Kia car. Many drivers may worry about quality when buying used, but Kia certified means that the vehicle has been through a multi-point inspection process and meets the criteria for being line-new quality in order to receive official brand certification. These are vehicles that give you all of the features and quality that you would expect from a new car, just with a lower price point.

What you need to know about CPO:

  • Money Saving
  • Quality Inspected
  • Brand Certification
  • Like-New Quality

When you are ready to get behind the wheel of a new-to-you Kia car, all you have to do is make your way to see us at your local San Diego Kia dealership. We will be happy to set you up to take a test drive and go over your ability to go with used or certified pre-owned. You will find our full-service Kia dealership located at 7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd in sunny San Diego, CA. If you would like to inquire about our used or certified pre-owned Kia inventory, please give us a call at (844) 824-9673 and our staff will be more than happy to help.